Okay, road rage is a thing. We mean, it's a human tendency to get mad, and that tendency gets worse in the car. We think it probably has something to do with everyone being shielded by a big hunk of metal, so people stop looking like people.

According to RoadLoans, the average American spends 750 hours in the car in one year. It makes sense that in that extensive amount of time, people would get annoyed, doesn't it?

When we found out that we were the city rated number two for road rage in all of the United States, we weren't entirely surprised. 

We mean, we're sweeties at heart, but we tend to get pretty furious with each other during our commutes.

Driving in NYC is totally different than driving in other places. In NYC, if you want to merge, you sort of just have to go for it and hope the other person stops. We can tell you from experience that no one will ever slow down to let you in a lane.

Also, we're all overworked, we don't sleep, and we're all always in a rush.

Combine all these factors with city crowding and congestion, and you've got the perfect formula for road rage.

Luckily, we weren't rated number one. Miami topped us for cities in the United States with most road rage. 


Sadly, most of those Miami drivers probably learned their driving skills in NYC - it's not uncommon for New Yorkers to flock to Florida when they get older, and Florida driving does tend to be eerily similar to NYC driving.

Still, we'll take it. We'd definitely prefer not to be the meanest drivers in the country.

Check out the infographic below to find out where other cities ranked, and for tips on avoiding road rage. We think these tips are cool, because road rage causes accidents and deaths, and also because we'd all have better lives if we got angry less often.


Via RoadLoans

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[via RoadLoans] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]