If you haven't noticed, New York City is a big pile of super duper slush. Want to know why?

We'll tell you why: it's because the Department of Sanitation takes care of cleaning off the roads, but NYC's policy makers leave the sidewalks to property owners.

Translation: it matters more to the city whether cars can get down the street than whether pedestrians can cross the streets without wading through gross, deep puddles of melted snow.

The city is also a giant pile of slush because, according to Gothamist, the clouds unloaded 105 billion pounds of snow on the city last weekend during Storm Jonas.

Since the weather inched up to the 40s, a lot of those billions of pounds of snow melted, causing a lot of deep puddles to form right in the space where the sidewalk becomes the street. Yeah, at every. Single. Intersection.

We actually don't care whether NYC's policy makers care about clearing off the sidewalks. We don't care about our shoes, or the fact that our feet are cold and wet.


We'll make our own fun! Yes, we're talking jumping-over-slush-championships.

Throughout the day in NYC, plenty of New Yorkers are playing another fun game: to jump or not to jump. If we jump, we might soak our feet. If we don't jump, we definitely will.

At least there are those who took to the streets today trying to solve the problem.

In Union Square, more than a dozen workers from the Union Square Partnership worked in a cluster this afternoon moving from curb to curb with picks, shovels, and squeegees, trying to clear storm drains and slush.

collandthecity That next step is a doozy! A big deep puddle of NYC slush but nothing my Bogs can't handle #bogs #nycslush #winter2014

When one of the shovelers, Mohamed Ndiaye, was asked what the "worst part" of shoveling slush was, he smiled and responded, "Everything. The shoveling hurts your back."

Ndiaye, we appreciate you. 

NYC, please start considering the sidewalks municipal property, and send the Department of Sanitation to clear the sidewalks. 

Everyone else, more power to you. We hope you were long jump track champions in high school!

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy New York Daily News]