Ready for a tall glass of nostalgia for your delight? Great. Let's talk about New York City in 1977, arguably the coolest year in the city's history. That's saying something, because NYC has been a city for hundreds of years.

Of course, "coolest" year requires a little clarification. It was mad depressing. Between the unemployment rate and the violent crimes everywhere you go, "cool" is an adjective you can only use in retrospect. 

If you love learning about history and you've got an hour to spare, you need to check it NY77.

NY77 is well-cut, riddled with smart interviews, and contains tons of flashes of all the graffiti sprayed everywhere. Plus, it traces the inception of hip-hop.

In 1977 there was avarice in Times Square, there were serial killers, there were purse snatchers, and the city was on the brink of bankruptcy.

What does all this mean? Well, mostly that it didn't cost much to live in NYC (which is clearly different from now).

In 1977, as a man in the video states, "The Bronx wasn't burning, the Bronx was burnt."

There were tons of gangs, 5,000 cops were laid off, and the hip-hop movement was surging to explode. Plus, there was a massive, citywide blackout on July 13th, 1977 that wound up costing the city $2 million.


Like we said, this video is incredible. If you miss OG NYC, if you're desperately nostalgic for NYC's past, if you just want to take one satisfying look back in time to NYC's yesteryear, you need to watch this video from TMF Music (graciously shared by Youtbue user leftways).

Check out NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell below.

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