We're nearing the close of another year, New York City. That means it's time for plenty of reflection. 

There are plenty of opportunities to shed your regrets, make resolutions, and visit the world's most Instagrammed place.

Yes, everyone, that's correct. Times Square is the world's most Instagrammed place. It's also the sight of the world's most famous New Year's Eve event. We're not telling you anything you don't already know. 

You probably also know that a huge, illuminated "16" has officially arrived in the famous square, forcing us all to confront the fact that we're about to put another calendar year behind us.

Yes, every New Year's the future is ignited in Times Square. Every year it makes us want to chug liquor. 

We mean... wait what? 


We're kidding. We obviously accomplished everything we wanted to in 2015.

Anyway, whether we're carrying suitcases of regret into the New Year with us or not, the fact remains that the seven-foot-tall "16" represents a whole host of promises and hope for the future.

timessquarenyc The 2016 numerals are still shining brightly on 46th St. & Broadway. Stop by for a photo & use #BallDrop! Only 16 days to go!

So be sure to get yourself to Times Square and check it out before it completes its journey to One Times Square on the 31st. 

Or... don't make your way to Times Square, but glance at it when you're forced to pass through.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]