This could be plane awesome.

LaGuardia airport is no stranger to hate. We all have one story about the dreaded airport that sends shivers down the spines to any would-be traveler.

Now, LaGuardia wants to change face and it is doing so by completely overhauling the airport and giving it a dramatic new look.

The new LaGuardia Airport will have a passenger bridge that stretches across runways. In addition, there will be lots more natural light that wash over the new food and retail spots located in the airport.

The first-of-its-kind passenger bridge will not just be used solely to gawk at planes and the Manhattan skyline, but will also help with getting people around quicker.

The bridge will also help with getting planes around faster and ease the burden of traffic. If there was one airport that needed this it is LaGuardia. Along with JFK and Newark, LaGuardia is in the bottom three for on-time arrivals in the country.

Natural light is gonna be everywhere in LaGuardia. It'll consume 1.3 million square-feet of the newly designed airport. Passengers can bask in the sun while looking for something to eat.

Of course, with all these improvements and innovations the question we're all-too-eager to ask is, "How much is this going to cost?"


According to LaGuardia Gateway Partners, the people running this show, the total cost will be $4 billion. But this number has been subject to change. Several times

You can expect to see that money in action by 2018 when new facilities will be opened by then. By 2022, the whole overhaul should be done.

Well, LaGuardia, looks like we won't be able to bad-mouth you for too long. We actually hope you don't give us a reason too.

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[via LaGuardia Gateway Partners] [Feature Image Courtesy LaGuardia Gateway Partners]