The streets of New York City are known for their constant traffic, angry drivers, and overall grave disappointment. Now sidewalks are getting the same rep.

With population, tourism, and foot traffic at an all time high, it's no shock that the sidewalks are getting unbearable. Now, New Yorkers of all walks of life are taking it to the streets.

Because of crazy foot traffic, many people are creating new lanes on the streets so they can avoid the wild sidewalks of NYC that are time consuming, packed with tourists, or Zombiefied with texters.

Quite simply, there are way too many f*cking people and it's a problem.

Last year, in just over three hours, 20,639 people walked between 54th and 55th on Fifth Avenue. This year, 26,831 people walked between that spot over the same amount of time.

We're more than sure you've done this before. You're walking to Penn Station, mumbling about how much you absolutely hate it, and to avoid the packed sidewalk, you break left and head for the packed street.

Your walk to Penn may be dramatically different pretty soon. We're not talking about the proposed roller coaster either. Instead, the city is planning on adding more pedestrian plazas, and one is scheduled to open soon on 33rd Street, right near Penn.

If there was ever a place to alleviate some foot traffic it's Penn Station. According to data from 2015, 14,000 pedestrians walk past the Modell's Sporting Goods on Seventh Avenue every hour.

The city has added space in the past, but now they're really picking up the pace - unlike the tourists you keep bumping into in Lower Manhattan. 


While it's almost instinctive to cross before the light turns at this point, its still dangerous to venture into NYC's traffic dense streets. This year alone there have been 55 pedestrian fatalities.


The hustle and bustle of NYC is what makes so many people visit this city, and what makes its natives literally walk right into oncoming traffic. We're hoping a more viable solution comes up before we turn to more drastic measures.

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[via The New York Times] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]