We obviously love bars, but the ones that tickle our fancy the most are quirky, fun, and new ones that keep popping up all across the city! 

Take this new astrological-themed one in Bushwick for instance, where asking a stranger, "What's your sign?" is a rather appropriate conversation starter. 

At Mood Ring, you'll be able to taste some of the best cocktails made specifically with certain zodiac signs in mind. 

The bar's focus is to create delicious drinks with types of liquor that play into the vibes of astrological signs. 

As their introductory drink, Mood Ring's co-owners, Bowen Goh and Vanessa Li will present a Virgo cocktail made with St. Germain. 


They will continue to serve cocktails that partner with the changing signs of the year, to give people a genuine opportunity to vibe with others who are like them. 

But fear not, non-cocktail drinkers! This bar will also serve wine (and light snacks).

And what's better than a bangin' cocktail menu? An even cooler theme for the bar's decorations, OF COURSE! The bar will also take on some In The Mood For Love vibes, so you know it's going to look pretty darn shnazzy. 


Stay tuned for more info on the bar's opening by checking out their Facebook page and Instagram! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Eater NY] 

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