Great news for binge-watchers everywhere, the summer hit (did it win the summer? stay tuned...) Stranger Things has been officially renewed for a second season by Netflix.

It feels like we've had our fingers crossed for like ever but remember–the show was released in July, so it's really only been a month. That's the problem with shows that have short ass seasons that we can watch in a day. 

Anyway, since the show was such an instant success, the second season isn't exactly a huge surprise, but it's a huge relief to see the green light.

Brothers Matt and Ross Duffer will return as writers of the series and buckle up kids, we're going to get NINE whole episodes this time around (opposed to Season 1's measly eight).

The Duffer Brothers revealed to EW that the show will be continued as a sequel, not an anthology series (a la American Horror Story and True Detective) as previously speculated. 

So expect to see Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) & friends, but the jury's still out on whether we're getting our girl Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) back. Just saying, we miiiiight riot if we don't get her back.

The new season is set to premiere "sometime in 2017" (we really don't want to complain, but uuuggghhhh) so if you live under a rock with no WiFi and haven't had the chance to watch the series yet, you have plenty of time to borrow a friend's Netflix password and catch up.

Check out the teaser trailer, which is literally just the names of the nine new episodes, released from Netflix's YouTube account below– we're so excited that we don't even mind that this is a pretty sh*tty tease.


[via io9] [Feature Image Courtesy ScreenRant]