Binge watching is life, right? Right.

Netflix, being the smart, got-to-give-the-people-what-they-want company that they are, decided to launch an app update for the iPhone and the iPad on Wednesday that makes it worlds easier for people to binge watch.

What'll happen is this: When you're watching a show, the updated app will begin playing the next episode automatically.

What does all this mean? Well, clearly if your phone is automatically playing the next episode, you'll be much more likely to stay and watch it.

Business Insider also reported that Netflix plans on rolling out other changes this year, too.

They're also developing what's called a "second screen" experience for Chromecast. When you're watching a show on a TV using Chromecast, Netflix will display information about the cast and crew on the customers' Android phone.

You'll be able to see details like, what other shows and movies those actors starred in that are also available on Netflix.


The updated version of the app also has a "more fluid" design, as users scroll between shows and movies on the homepage.

In other words, images will hopefully load much quicker than they did on previous versions of the app.

Netflix vice president of product innovation Chris Jaffe said the idea is "just to make things really, really stupid simple." Jaffe didn't say when, but later this year, Netflix users will be able to more effectively manage their mobile data usage.

By default, Netflix uses whichever internet source will provide the highest-quality viewing experience, but obviously it can use up a lot of data if users aren't connected to Wi-Fi.


As a result, they're planning to implement a data-saving mode, so users can stream content at a lower bit-rate by default to avoid overage charges on their cell phone plans. 

You'll also be able to choose whether or not to allow HD streaming.

This is sweet of Netflix, because they've realized users might be racking up charges in their data plans to watch Netflix on their phones.

Hey Netflix, thanks for continuing to look out! We appreciate what you're doing over there.

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[via Business Insider] [Feature Image Courtesy iMore]