Netflix and... consume?

Ever notice how we all Netflix differently? Some people finish entire shows in days, others take months to complete a season. 

But what shows are we taking in rapidly? What shows are we watching once in a while to appreciate all the subtleties?

The folks at Netflix figured out what kind of shows people love to binge in a few days and what shows people love to watch in a slower pace.

They studied the watching patterns of over 190 countries and over 100 serialized television shows to find out what kind of shows people watch rapidly and slowly.

Thrillers are the shows that we cannot stop binging. Shows like Breaking Bad, Bates Motel and Dexter are being watched at a very rapid pace. People generally spend at least 2.5 hours a session on these and complete entire seasons in less than four days.

Shows that give you a quick scare and make your skin crawl are the also shows that we finish very quickly. The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful all fall into this category.

On the other end of the spectrum, it seems that comedies are for winding down. 


Arrested Development, F is for Family and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are the shows that get watched at a much slower pace.

Sure, these are shows are gonna make you feel like you're going to die from laughter, but you will die the slow death.


via Netflix

Dramas like Mad Men, House of Cards and Daredevil are also all watched in a slower pace, generally only in 40-minute increments. It's probably for the best as well. You're gonna wanna really pay attention to the background of scenes during Mad Men.

Next time you get ready to stream think about what shows are gonna keep you at night, the shows that you just have to finish and which can be watched at a slower pace. 

You'll find that you're gonna love the fact a television has that gripping power over you.

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