Have you ever sat in bed wishing you could just press a button on your phone and poof! Your morning cup of java is all steaming hot and ready?

Guess what, New Yorkers? Welcome to the future. The future is now. 

According to Grub Street, Nespresso has come up with a technologically advanced pod coffee machine, coined the Prodigio, that you can remotely "brew" a coffee through your smart phone. 

So the next time you ignore 4 of your 5 alarms and know you're going to have to run out the door, you can have a coffee waiting hot and ready for you!

Not only that, but the new Nespresso machines will allow you to set a schedule for brewing times (hello, mornings), receive maintenance and descaling alerts, and purchase new pods. 

Of course, your lazy bum will still have to get out of bed to retrieve said coffee, but at least it will be ready and waiting for you. 

The only downside is that you will have to have enough water and a fresh pod inserted in the machine before you go to bed at night... plus, make sure to put a cup to catch the steaming hot coffee or you'll end up with a mess. 


Additionally, Nespresso and other pod coffee makers have been catching a lot of heat due to the wastefulness of their pods. Nespresso's pods are recyclable, but thats an extra step for all involved.



Maybe a $250 single pod coffee maker will eventually be both green and internet accessible, but for now, it seems as the Nespresso Prodigio is our best bet. 

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[via Grub Street] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]