Celebrate National Martini with 100 Different Martinis 🍸✨

Nothing’s stopping you from enjoying a martini any day of the week.

But there are far fewer days where it seems appropriate-neigh-essential to indulge in this classic cocktail than on Tuesday, June 19th.

 Why? Because it’s National Martini Day.

And Sipsmith London Dry Gin may be hosting the martini event to best all other martini events with their 100 Martini Experience. Founders Sam Galsworthy and Jared Brown are bringing their internationally renowned event to the Manhattan Cricket Club - a speakeasy located above an Australian restaurant on the Upper West Side - from June 19th through to June 20th.  

Sipsmith Master Distiller Jared Brown has curated a night that promises to be the ultimate celebration of a cocktail that has sparked innovation and impassioned discussions, perhaps more so than any other drink.

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Galsworthy and Brown have been bringing their 100 Martini Experience to the good people of London since 2014. This year marks the first time the Sipsmith founders are sharing and serving their 100 martini recipes Stateside.

If martinis aren’t your thing, that doesn’t mean Brown won’t find something to suit your tastes. It’s understandable after all - a dirty martini is not for the faint of taste bud. But if you’re under the impression that martinis are merely varied in the manner they are either shaken or stirred, perhaps due to some misinformation spread by one James Bond, then you are mistaken. A martini can be far more than just gin, and vermouth (the classic/original recipe) and Brown and Galsworthy are out to prove so.

The event promises 100 variations on the martini and invites guests to take a short, app-driven quiz, which matches your personality with the perfect martini for you, your martini match is delivered straight to your table. 

Which one of the 100 variations perfectly suit your palate?

Could it be the Millionaire? Which tops gin and vermouth with a splash of champagne? Or will it be the Arnaud - a personal favorite of Brown himself - that combines juniper-led-gin, dry vermouth and creme de cassis.

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These are but two of the 100 variations on offer at the 100 Martini Experience. Which one will strike your fancy? RSVP here to find out.

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