What's synonymous with summer by the beach? 

Nathan's Famous of course.

For 100 years, they've been selling some of the best hotdogs in the country to hungry New Yorkers visiting the historic Coney Island Surf Avenue. 

To celebrate their 100th year, Nathan's will be selling their hotdogs at the historic price of 5 cents, the inaugural price of a Nathan's dog in 1916, on Memorial Day.

In 1916, Nathan Handwerker began working for Charles Feltman, the owner of the original hot dog stand in Coney Island. 

His job consisted of slicing hotdog buns for hot dogs that would be sold for 10 cents. 

Handwerker saved up $300 to begin his own hot dog stand with his wife, Ida. It is said that his wife created the still secret recipe for Nathan's original hot dog. 


To compete with Feltman, he sold his hotdogs for 5 cents, but to encourage people to purchase them, he nurses and doctors at Coney Island Hospital free hotdogs. 

His hotdogs eventually caught on, particularly with famous actors and musicians, such as Eddic Candor, Jimmy Durante, and Cary Grant. Handwerker even hired Clara Bowtiinelli as a teen, who eventually became the silent film star, Clara Bow. 


This year also marks the centennial anniversary of the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, which Handwerker began in his first year. 

To celebrate Nathan's 100th birthday, head down to Coney Island on Memorial Day and grab yourself a dog for 5 cents. 

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[via Gothamist]