Well, Hot Dog! It's Been 100 Years Since Nathan's Famous Opened Up Shop in Coney Island?!

Believe it or not, it's been a century since Nathan's Famous opened up shop in Coney Island. 

How many hotdogs is that? How many crinkle cut fries? Is it safe to attribute some kind of exponential "Dog Year" rule for measuring that? 

Who knows-- WHO CARES?! It's Nathan's Famous. It's delicious. 

Sure enough, it's been a cold century since Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker opened up a nickel hotdog stand on Coney Island. 

Again, hotdogs are delicious, albeit not exceedingly healthy.

Who cares? We rarely need a reason to eat one, and now we've got 100 reasons to enjoy at least that many this year. 

Even better? Luna Park opens up this weekend


So, that, paired with a million delicious Nathan's Famous hotdogs, well, we're ditching work and heading to Coney Island right this second.

Kidding. It's only Tuesday. Don't be stupid. 

But check out this incredible interactive timeline Nathan's Famous made. 


via Nathan's Famous

It traces back to the seminal moments in Nathan's history, starting with the $300 loan from Handwerker's buddies and the secret recipe from his wife back in 1916. 

Then go make your way to Coney Island and celebrate 100 years of deliciousness at Nathan's Famous. You'd be stupid not to. 

Okay, stupid's a strong word. It'd be very non-New Yorker of you NOT to indulge. 

Check out Coney Island's Famous Luna Park Opens for the 2016 Season This Weekend. 

[via Nathan's Famous]