This New Midtown Wellness Center Could Be Your Next Nap Capital 🛌😴❤️️

Have you ever been wandering through Manhattan and halfheartedly settled for yet another cup of overpriced coffee when you knew that what you really needed was a plain old nap?

If so, new wellness center and co-work space Nap York, which just opened up on 480 7th Avenue, may be the answer to your sleepy prayers.

Instead of heading all the way home for some shut-eye, all you have to do is reserve one of their private, soundproof, eco-friendly nap pods. Each one comes complete with a relaxing twinkling star ceiling and a fancy schmancy Airweave mattress and pillow, which use the “newest innovations in sleep surface technology” to offer nappers “sleep unlike any they've ever had”!

But while these pods may be the punnily named oasis’s most unique aspect, there’s plenty about the space to appeal to even the determined insomniacs among us. Helping us catch a little shut eye is only one aspect of their mission to help make New York City the happiest, calmest, most productive place it can be.

There’s a café offering up healthy bites like signature green juices and superfood packed restorative smoothies, a hammock to chill in, and relaxing greenery scenery. There’s also a lounge filled with comfy egg shaped chairs and zen meditation pillows, and even a studio where you can take yoga and meditation classes!

Then once you’re totally chilled out, you can head peacefully to your reserved work station on their tranquil focus floor, which comes complete with reclining chairs and adjustable height standing desks to help you stay comfy and in the zone.

We for one think that Nap York has the right attitude. Taking time out for shut eye and self-care is no joke, and so we applaud them for helping us do it!

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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