Ah, election season...

It goes without saying that this will be one of the most interesting presidential races America has ever seen, and that's all thanks to Donald Trump never knowing when to keep his mouth shut.

Donald Trump's many tirades have led to him being the butt of many artistic jokes ― including having his face stamped all over the subway, which was obviously terrifying.

Today an anonymous artist dropped a life size (anatomically correct) Donald Trump statue smack in the middle of Union Square.

The statue showed up unexpectedly, and featured a plaque that only said "The Emperor Has No Balls," which was signed 'Ginger.'

Nearby New Yorkers went nuts over this nude, including us. Check out our Facebook Live footage (below) of the statue before it was tragically hauled away.

Be warned, this statue is definitely NSFW. 

You might also not want to look at it because it's Donald Trump's gross naked body, but to each their own.


It seems that the artist may not be as anonymous as we thought.

A quick search for "Emperor Has No Balls" reveals a Youtube video showing the creation of five of these terrifying statues ― dick close up included. There's also a nifty little Instagram story we took as well. 


The video was posted by INDECLINE, with the artist credited as Ginger. There have been other Trump statue sightings in Seattle, and San Francisco so far. Here's hoping the next one doesn't get taken down as quickly.

Of course, before it went down, we went down there and caught the action via FacebookLive. Check it out below.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]