This is probably the coolest thing you've never heard of but immediately wanted to try.

This summer we not only have the longest slide in NYC, but we now also have a musical swing set!

Brookfield Place in Battery Park City recently installed a musical swing set, developed by a Canadian design firm.

The swings are available to be enjoyed free of cost up until July 7th, so if you want to try these out, you'd better move fast.

The best part of these swings is that each swing represents one of four different classical instruments - a piano, guitar, harp, or vibrophone. 

That way, even if you're not swinging in sync with those beside you you're still creating a harmonious melody instead of something that sounds more like 3 a.m construction.

Make sure you head down to the Waterfront Plaza in Brookfield Place if you want your creativity to flow freely on arguably the most fun aspect of every park.


As for the parks that don't even have adult-sized swing sets and only have the ones with the baby chairs: We neither understand you, nor like you. 

Get your sh*t together.

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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]