Push the Tempo: What We're Listening to This Weekend

Lately it seems some of the greatest musicians are dropping like flies. No doubt, 2016 has not been kind to the land of the musical living thus far. Most recently, Earth, Wind, and Fire founder Maurice White passed away this week.

We've also lost the Eagles' Glenn Frey, and who can forget Davie Bowie? Despite the losses of some of New York City and the world's most loved musicians, life goes on. 

There are a myriad of talented musicians, producers, and bands releasing incredible music every day, and we aim to connect you with some of our favorites. It's "What We're Listening to This Weekend."

This week we're featuring Earth, Wind, and Fire as well as new music by NYC hip-hop producer Rodney Hazard, and a fresh music video by Chelsea Reject. 

There's also new music from A$AP Rocky featuring Pharrell, and, of course, a throwback in honor of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Despite heavy metal's reputation and the deplorable actions of his former bandmate Phil Anselmo, Darrell was known to have been a warm and loving light in the darkness.

So crank it up before you go out this weekend, or while you're kickin' it at the crib. Whatever you're doing, listen to this.

1. Rodney Hazard - "Tried"

Rodney Hazard is an NYC-based artist and producer who dropped this single, entitled "Tried," in support of his new album to be released on High Snobiety February 11th (you can check him out at Kinfolk 90 that night). 


Rodney's style is rooted in synthesizing Haitian, Native American, and African American rhythms with contemporary American and European sounds like Radiohead. His past production credits include A$AP Mob and Joe Budden. 

2. Earth, Wind, and Fire - "Gratitude"

With the passing of Maurice White this week, the band Earth, Wind, and Fire has been dominating music news. Many young people don't recognize the effect Earth, Wind, and Fire has had on the music world. Suffice it to say, it's been major. 

Without their particular brand of digestible "popular" funk, compared to more outlandish groups like Parliament Funkadelic, the world may not have as many grooves in it today. For this, we're full of gratitude. 

3. A$AP Rocky featuring Pharrell - "Hear Me"

New York City and much of the country absolutely loves A$AP crew. To many people, they can do no wrong. To many others, they've been considered youngsters on the scene with little more than party jams to contribute.

Well, there's nothing wrong with party music. Trap is great. This time around, Pharrell is attached to A$AP Mob's latest track "Hear Me."

4. Jazz Cartier - Hotel Paranoia

Toronto's rap king Jazz Cartier dropped his second mix tape Hotel Paranoia recently, and it's fire. 

Recently, he opened for Joey Bada$$ in Toronto, but stole the show. If you're sleeping on Jazz Cartier, wake up.

5. Chelsea Reject featuring CJ Fly and T'Nah Apex - "Go"

Chelsea Reject is a female artist that demands attention. Check out her album, CMPLX. 


The T'Nah Apex feature on this track is above and beyond great, and let's not forget Psymun's dreamy, jazz inspired production.

6. Pantera - "Cowboys from Hell"

The metal scene gets a bad rap a lot. Former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo doesn't help, like, ever. Recently he was way out of line at a show in memory of his murdered bandmate, Dimebag Darrell. 

After throwing up the Nazi salute and saying "White Power" on his way off stage, Anselmo tried to wiggle out of the controversy by saying it was an inside joke about white wine. 

Now, Anselmo has had substance abuse issues for a long time, and this appears to be no different, albeit horrendously insensitive. 

So forget him. Listen to Dimebag's legendary guitar playing. Let's be honest, it's the best part about Pantera, with fellow Abbott brother Vinnie Paul's drumming coming in a close second. 

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