The Museum of the Moving Image is kickin' it old school this summer.

Prepare yourself for massive nostalgia, because 38 classic arcade games are coming to the Museum of the Moving Image.

The museum has featured a handful of popular arcade games for some time now, but their collection will now triple with these latest additions.

The temporary exhibit will feature some of the best arcade games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s - from Ms. PacMan, to Mortal Kombat.

All of these games will be available to play in the museum's "Arcade Classics" exhibit, which will be up until October 23.

Sadly, the best things in life aren't free, but at 25 cents per game, these arcade games seem well worth the price.

While you'll still have to pay the museum's $15 admission fee, you'll also get four free game tokens. 


In between games you'll also be able to brush up on your arcade knowledge, as the exhibit will feature information on the history of these popular games and how they've influenced today's video games.

Crack your knuckles, brush up on your joystick technique, and check out this exhibit before it's gone.

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[via DNAInfo] [Feature Image Courtesy NYMetroParents]