In the heat of summer, Ice cream is essential to maintain one’s sugar levels. (Editor’s note: Keep telling yourself that, Nick, BUT QUIT HOGGING ALL THE FUDGE RIPPLE.)

We’re pretty fond of it, and on any given day we’ll get our sweet fix with a cone or a bowl of deliciousness. 

Hell, who are we kidding? We’ll eat the stuff right out of the pint. (Editor’s note: See previous complaint.)

So imagine our delight when we heard that there the Museum of Ice Cream released more tickets. 

Think like, Hamilton-sized reactions of glee.

In case you dropped the ball and missed everything, 100 Gansevoort Street (right in the Meatpacking District) is home to the Museum of Ice Cream. 

That’s right, there’s a museum of Ice Cream. Only, it’s kind of been sold out for a little while.

We thought we'd never see the day where we'd be able to get more tickets. Well, that's changed.

Time Out reported that the Museum, which is only open until September 1st, has got some extra golden tickets. And Eater wrote that people were paying up to $100 for tickets on Craigslist!


Apparently, you need to sign up for the museum's newsletter, which will then give you a chance to be put on their waitlist before you can even consider diving into that pool of sprinkles though.


So get on over to their website to make your ice cream dreams cone (pun intended) true.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]