It seems like the 90s are really making a comeback this year.

First, we find out there's going to be a Hey Arnold! movie, now MTV is bringing back the classics?

Starting on August 1st, MTV will be converting VH1 Classic to MTV Classic, a channel that will focus on the golden days of MTV programming.

The channel will be primarily focused on the 90s and early 2000s, airing popular series and music programming from the time.

The switch officially takes place on August 1st, in honor of the 35th anniversary of the birth of MTV.

In honor of this anniversary, the first hour of MTV Classic will replicate the first hour of MTV that was ever broadcast to the world on August 1st, 1981. Those who can't tune in via cable can watch along via Facebook live.


One of the programs that you'll be able to catch on MTV Classic is MTV Unplugged, a series of musical performances from Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, and countless other musical stars who were at the height of their fame during the 90s.

Of course, no MTV throwback would be complete without some of our favorite TV shows. Beavis & Butt-head, Real World, and Laguna Beach are all slated to play on MTV classic throughout the day, giving everyone their fix of cartoon, and real world drama.


Plus, we'll finally get to see some reruns of TRL, one of the most notable MTV series to date, as well as our favorite sarcastic heroine, Daria.

Of course, once you get tired of all that nostalgia you can always switch over to regular MTV to get your taste of current pop culture.

[via Rolling Stone] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]