The NYC Subway System Just Had Their Absolute Worst Morning. EVER.

Sometimes you just don't know what to expect in this city, but even when the unexpected happens, the general response of New Yorkers everywhere is usually, "Meh, only in New York City, ammmirite?!"

Too true. 

On the other hand, there's one thing we can always expect: the MTA totally screwing the pooch-- in terms of efficiency --on a daily basis. This, we've come to accept. We're neither redfaced and angry, nor shouting existential, unanswerable riddles of, "Why, God?! Why?!" into the void. We're past that. 

So, many New Yorkers left their anger at the door when the unexpected snow came in and delayed every. Single. Subway. Line. In. The. Whole. Entire. City. 

Only in NYC, right?!

Nobody's laughing. Then again, nobody's crying either. Subway service resumed with "residual delays" (AKA: the normal bullsh*t that interrupts every commute at any given time) after noon. 

Of course, it wasn't just the snow that caused delays. All 1, 2, and 3 lines were cut off from Franklin Street and Chambers Street due to the fatal crane crash in Tribeca this morning. 


We were warned of the snow. We knew it could happen.

For the most part though, we've been burned by false forecasts so often that we're not quite ready to trust the weather just yet. 

Well, give yourself a break. Get in the know. Check the weather before you leave the office this evening with the most delightful weather app, Poncho. Download the Poncho app here

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[via DNAInfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]