The MTA is the finest institution in all of New York City. It allows for a seamless, deeply pleasant flow of commuters across the five boroughs every day. 

LOL. Yeah, that's a joke. 

It's more like an endless nightmare of obstacles that every New Yorker must endure in order to get from point A to point B, a task that, logically, should be extraordinarily simple. 

Back in January, the MTA dropped yet another piece of delightful news when they announced that the  L Train may be shut down for up to three years in order to repair tube damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Unsurprisingly, this news was not received well by New Yorkers, a significant portion of which rely heavily on the L in order to commute to and from their jobs in Manhattan.  

It's left most of us scratching our heads and simply unable to imagine a New York in which this crucial train line isn't functioning. 

The MTA has been eerily silent since first announcing this, but alas, the L Train saga continues as officials gear up for a town hall meeting next month. 


Local politicians have been working with the MTA to solidify a date for a town hall meeting to discuss the issue, which will is set to be scheduled the first week of May. They hope to secure an evening time slot so as to allow for as many local citizens to attend as possible. 

Community feedback is also highly encouraged, and we're certain that attendees will have no qualms about letting the MTA know exactly how they feel about this potential decision. We definitely will. 

More details are expected to be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Hopefully, New Yorkers will finally get the answers they've been waiting for since January, or, considering this is the MTA we're talking about, you can expect a few delays.

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