You know how the subway has been majorly expanding over the past 15 years? We're guessing you heard all about the extension of the 7 train, the 2nd Avenue subway line, and surely you've heard about all the subway closures to come in the next few years.

Well, guess what? Cartographer Andrew Lynch reported that the top three most expensive transit projects in the world, when seen through the lens of cost per mile, are all in New York City.

The projects? East Side Access, the 2nd Avenue Subway, and the 7 Line extension.

Still, getting around NYC is hard. Ridiculously hard, in some places. With the MTA's growing ridership, its lack of funding, and the harrowing task of getting some places in NYC, Andrew Lynch decided to solve the problem.

He devised an incredible future for the subway.

Among these ideas are a PATH train to Staten Island, and extension of the Nostrand Avenue line, and an extension of the 7 train. Plus, some more really wild, really great ideas that could really, really help everyone get around. 

Lynch thinks the MTA should not only bring the G train back to Forest Hills, but also create a new line. It's called the K line, and it would do a much more effective job than the Franklin Avenue Shuttle.

This fantasy line would extend to Bedford-Nostrand Avenues, and though the G train would stop at Church Avenue in Brooklyn, the K would run alongside the Q all the way to Brighton Beach.


He also proposed a Utica Avenue subway line, which is definitely not the first time someone's proposed a Utica Avenue subway line.

In fact, Mayor de Blasio urged the MTA to included $5 million in funding for the Utica Avenue subway study in their 2015-2019 capital plan, and it's an idea that's been debate for a century. City officials and resides have argued that that area's needed better transit access for decades.

Currently, the B46 already covers that route, but it's the second-busiest bus route in the city, transporting 50,000 people a day.

Obviously, a subway line would help.

Lynch also wants to bring the L train to 10th Avenue, since everyone knows transit that far west is sparse, and navigation is difficult. In Lynch's master plan, you could also get from Fulton Street to LaGuardia airport on one train.

Plus, he wants the Second Avenue subway line to branch off into Queens and south Brooklyn.  

Check out Lynch's fantasy map for the subway below. Could someone from the MTA please hire this guy? Since, you know, he's got some pretty mastermind ideas.


Andrew Lynch

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[via Andrew Lynch] [Feature Image Courtesy Andrew Lynch/Vanshnookenraggen]