iPhone 7 users, your problems just paled in comparison. Sorry you can't use your headphones anymore but at least your phone isn't on fire.

The MTA’s told New Yorkers to avoid using any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on public transportation. Mostly because it kind of, could possibly burst into flames.

TWC News subsidiary NY1 reported that the MTA told customers to avoid charging or even using their Samsung Galaxy phones on subways and buses.

Apparently the device is a safety hazard? The device is a safety hazard.

There have been reports that the battery get lit, but not in a good way.

Samsung’s been pretty on top of things, issuing a report saying that “customer safety is our highest priority. We are asking owners to power down their Note 7 devices and exchange them today.”


Yeah, we know, telling New Yorkers to do something is pretty much like telling someone else’s dog to sit.


‘Be safe and goooooood luck’ is all we can say. 

[via NY1] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]