Tired of getting d*cked over by the MTA? Deadlines never getting met, trains never arriving on time or getting properly cleaned or repaired, yeah, we could go on and on about how much disdain we have for the MTA on a daily basis, but sometimes we need to approach them with empathy and understanding.

Turns out they're also getting pushed around, stiffed, stood up, and straight up ignored by Governor Cuomo. 

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Chairman and CEO Tom Prendergast, the authority is just a few months away from running out of cash, basically, on June 30th.

There's money in the bank for plans that are already approved and underway, like the current phase of the Second Ave Subway construction. 

Of course, the current phase of the Second Ave construction isn't the last phase...

So while Governor Cuomo has yet to allocate real funds for further plans, anything new must go forward, more or less, on IOU's.

Prendergast, unable to hide his frustration from reporters after last week's MTA board meetings, couldn't explain Cuomo's refusal to approve MTA funding after approving billions for state Department of Transportation projects like roads and bridges.


In response to forcing the MTA to fund itself on IOU's for the foreseeable future, The Riders Alliance tried paying for MetroCards on IOU's, but it didn't work. 

Take a look at their video in support of a new petition urging Cuomo to approve funding for the City's busses and subways below. 

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[via Second Avenue Sagas] [Feature Image Courtesy NewsDay]