Governor Cuomo is officially the Richard Gere to the MTA’s Julia Roberts; the Julie Andrews to our scrappy, unibrowed Anne Hathaway of a subway system. 

TBH, our poor trains are waaay overdue for a blowout and maybe a mani-pedi.

So far, in 2016, we’ve heard about some dope new train cars and while we’re totally pissed about upcoming fare increases, it might just all be worth it for SUBWAY WI-FI.

Now, The MTA is testing out some shiny new LCD countdown clocks in a few N/Q/R stations so soon, we’ll be able to see exactly how f*cking late we’re gonna be to work.

The future is here.

Don't confuse these with those old janky clocks telling us the express has been six minutes away for half an hour. 

According to the MTA's press release, the system uses bluetooth receivers installed on the platform and the trains to communicate its arrival, departure, and an estimate of when it'll reach the next station. 

Besides this estimated time, the screens will also display the weather, because why the f*ck not?


The clocks are going to be tested over the next three months, an assuming that goes well, there are plans to expand to the other lettered stations.

It’s hard to believe literal changes are coming to the MTA. We’re just as surprised as you that closures on the L train have actually started.


If only this could happen with the swiftness of a movie montage and not in real time. Until then, have fun on the bus, Brooklynites. 

[via gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy gothamist]