Subway drama got you down? We feel you. 

Fortunately, there’s some good news to compensate for it.

That Second Avenue subway, currently undergoing the final testing, will open by the end of the year (editor's note: LOL). And surprise, surprise, it’ll cause some changes, hopefully for the better.

The MTA will revive the W line, which will saving Astoria from some aggravation once the Q train gets rerouted in November.

6sqft reports that the service between 57th and Whitehall streets will resume November 7th, so yeah, break out the party hats and champagne. 

Just avoid bringing it onto the subway, ‘cause that’s kind of a no-no.

It’ll be a fun-filled journey eventually taking riders all the way to Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard.

You can expect it to be pretty much like the same old W line that got you there way back in 2010. Waayyyyyyyyyyyy back then.


Yep. Take this moment to feel old, kids.

It’s an exciting moment for the MTA, considering how they cut costs by removing the W back in 2010 and saved $3.4 million on the move.


Oh, and then there’s this whole “fare increase” thing. Yeah, about that, MTA…

We’re all for ponying up the extra four percent, but some more solutions for that L train dilemma would be nice. 

[via 6sqft] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]