As you may have noticed, NYC is currently being buried in snow at a delicious rate of 2-4 inches per hour.

And the MTA is handling it beautifully!

Oh sorry, we meant to say the MTA is having a complete and total meltdown as per usual.

Here's what we know, as reported by Gothamist: the trains and buses are running, but really, really slowly.

Northbound 2 and 5 trains are running with major delays due to signal problems at Jackson Avenue.

Earlier this morning, 1, 2, and 3 trains were running with significant delays due to a switch problem at 96th Street. 

Surprise, surprise... The L train is running with delays due to switch problems at Carnasie-Rockaway Parkway and 8th Avenue. 


N and W trains are running with delays in both directions and so are J trains.

Northbound B and D trains are also reporting delays due to signal problems at 7th Avenue.

And pretty much every single bus is running with delays, so.... maybe just don't bother.

In non-MTA news, the LIRR has delays on every line, while New Jersey Transit trains are running with 15 minute delays with NJT Buses running on 30 minute delays.

So if you're unlucky enough to not have a snow day like New York kids and most merciful businesses, be RULL CAREFUL OUT THERE Y'ALL.

Public transit is running but stairs and platforms are slushy and icy AF.

mtanyctransit Express Buses on Shore Rd., Brooklyn, this morning. Take care while traveling today and allow yourself extra time. Click on the link in our profile for the MTA Winter Weather Travel Guide. (Photo: M. Hermann / MTA NYCT.)

Stay warm, fam! And get ready for a NASTY evening commute. 

[Feature Image Courtesy PIX11] [via Gothamist]