We’ve held the doors open for people, we’ve taken up more than our fair share of the seating (when there’s no one else to take it up), and probably lost a lid to our coffee cup more times than we can count.

But did you know the MTA fines for nonsense like this?

Breaking some MTA rules got a few New Yorkers (maybe some tourists) slapped with fines last year.

According to AM New York, the MTA does still ticket for some stupid rules. 


MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said "These rules are established to promote safety, to facilitate the proper use of transit facilities, to protect those transit facilities and our customers, and to assure the payment of fares and other lawful charges," in an email to AM New York.

"In other words, to make riding our system as safe and pleasant an experience as possible for our customers."

Here are the top three offenses from last year, each ticket running fifty dollars:

Obstruction of seating: 3,066

Unauthorized commercial activity: 882

Littering, etc.: 619


[via AM New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]