The MTA is notorious for its raging-inducing policies, regulations, and general tendencies, but it seems like as of late, they might actually be listening to us, and making changes accordingly.

They've already announced their plans to abandon the MetroCard and move into modern times. 

Does the future of the MTA also mean the decline and eventual eradication of bus service? 

It will probably be a very long time until the bus system totally vanishes, but the MTA has announced plans to reduce bus service starting this summer. 

Across 48 routes, the MTA has planned 34 cuts and 21 additions to service, which is predicted to save the city approximately $27,000 a year. 

Although, it is hard to say if these changes are a reflection of passenger behavior, or the other way around. 

It's possible that we are simply riding the bus less, and the MTA has noticed. 


However, it's also very possible that they're cutting down on the bus system to save a dime, inevitably resulting in less bus passengers. 

Based on the MTA's current reputation, our money is on the latter. 

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[via Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]