We totally understand if after this year, you're ready for a loooong vacation.

Well, if you have four months and around $17,000 to spare, we might have your perfect trip.

This insane cruise from MSC Cruises features an itinerary of 49 stops in 32 countries on 6 of the world's continents– aptly, it's called "World Cruise."

If this sounds up your alley and you're a short on funds, the ship departs on January 5th, 2019, so you probably have a little time to scrounge up the dough– time to cut down on those lattes, that's bound to do the trick.

The trip begins in Genoa, Italy and will return there after 119 days and 118 nights of globetrotting, as reported by Thrillist.

Then, the ship will port in the European cities Marseille, Barcelona, Malaga, and Funchal. After that, it will cross the Atlantic for the Caribbean destinations St. Maarten, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and a few others before traveling through the Panama Canal to the Pacific.

On the west coast, the cruise will make extended stop in L.A., San Francisco, and Honolulu. Other stops they'll be making are Bora Bora, Auckland, and Sydney, in addition to others.


In case you need to be further entertained while you travel, the ship, the MSC Magnifica, features 11 bars, 4 restaurants, a casino, a panoramic discotheque (we don't even know what that is), a cigar lounge, and a 4D cinema.

Along the way, the cruise also includes 15 complimentary excursions, featuring awesome adventures like elephant riding in Pinnawela, swimming in the lagoons of Moorea, or touring our own national parks.

According to their website, tickets are only available for MSC Voyagers Club members for now, but they will open to the general public on December 14th.

"General public" meaning, the portion of the general public that has 17k laying around and 4 months worth of vacation days, but we get it.

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