Movie Theaters and Chill 🎞😀👌

It’s nice to stay at home, watch some Netflix, and kick back with your favorite foods and booze. So what could be better?

Other than, perhaps, a classy night out at a movie theater that promises all of those things?

Yeah, we thought so. See ya there.

Nitehawk Cinema: (136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)


It’s a movie theater.

Where you can order a Duck Confit sandwich.

Fill out the menu card at your seat and a waiter will swing by to  fetch your order while you enjoy the film. They’ve got appetizers, entrees, desserts, cocktails, beers, and oh so much more.

They also often coordinate their food and drink menus to fit the theme of the movie - which is so cute we’re gagging.

Plus, they do brunch.

We know.

We’re on our way too.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (2548 Central Park Ave, Yonkers)


They show new and old-school films, and often have special events. Their cocktails are rated on the film scale (we always order an “R”) and they’ve got more than 30 different beer varieties on tap.

They serve tons of food, including (fancy) Pizzas, (upscale) burgers, and (A-list) salads. Our advice? Try the  fried goat cheese salad. Why?

Because it’s not baaahhhd.

Sorry. We had to.

iPic Theaters (11 Fulton St, Manhattan)

South Street Seaport is one of the most stunning attractions in NYC, so you should definitely put some shoes on and run over there.

While you’re there, you might as well take in a movie. Chef Sherry Yard will prepare the grub, including favorites like truffle fries, spicy tuna on crispy rice, or grilled farmers market pizza -- and a waiter will run them over to your seat.

Have some grub. Hold your lover’s hand. Eat, drink, and teleport yourself into a whole other universe.

Ya know, like humans do.

Indie Food and Wine (Lincoln Center -- 144 West 65th St, Manhattan)


Have you been to Lincoln Center? OMG -  it’s stunning. There are lights and people and birds.

We’re spiraling.

Anyhow, this theater is located inside the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. The wine selection is handpicked by staff from independent vendors.  They’ve got all sorts of goodies, but we love to put together a meat and cheese plate to compliment our favorite wine.

It’s like having a picnic on ecstasy .

Except in a movie theater. Sober (ish).

.Videology Bar and Cinema (308 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn)


This low-key saloon sports booze, a pub grub, and a movie screening room. Our favorite? The frito pie dog. Why? Because it’s frito pie. On a hot dog.

You can also rent DVDs, or the entire venue -- why not throw your next birthday party at a place like this? It certainly does it for us.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, then we all we can do is turn to prayer.

Metrograph (7 Ludlow St, Manhattan)


Metrograph is a theater that specializes in Indie, foreign, and classic flicks. But if those aren’t enough to fulfill you, they’ve also got an in-house restaurant called “Commissary.”

You can order entrees like Steak Tartare and Chicken Fra Diavolo, or healthy bites, like apple slices with almond butter from the “Writer’s Menu.”  

You can’t bring food into the theater, but you’ll have no problem cleaning your plate before start time. And if you need help doing so, give us a call. We’ll be waiting for our phones.

We’re hungry.

Syndicated (40 Bogart St, Brooklyn)


Syndicated is a movie theater/bar/kitchen that serves up the works. While playing recent and classic flicks, they serve up quirky cocktails, such as the gin-elderflower-black tea concoction, “Tree Of Life.”

Or you can order a milkshake with Bourbon.

They also have a utensil-free menu of dishes like “Hot Mess Chicken,” which is fried chicken with hot sauce, and beer battered cauliflower.  

We just have one question: Why?

Why are you still reading this?

At this point, you’re just wasting your own damn time. So head on over there!

Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston St, Manhattan)


This downtown favorite shows independent, arthouse, and foreign films from all around the world. After you’ve soaked up some culture, soak up some yummies at the Angelika Cafe.

They offer quiches, vegan sandwiches, hot drinks, and a whole slew of tasty dessert treats. This is one place where you can have your cake, eat it, AND watch a movie.

You’ll be able to brag to your friends that you had a sophisticated evening at the theater, while also bragging to yourself about having nailed it.

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