In a dating rut? Got a photo bucket list of views you gotta snap of the city? Oh, well unless you're a pro, maybe avoid the whole "I'm Gonna Climb to the Top of This Building and It's Gonna Be Dope!" thing. 

And despite all of New York City's offerings, it's easy to get stuck in a cycle of endless dinner-and-a-movie nights out or worse– forgoing date night altogether and spending weekend after weekend re-watching every episode of Gilmore Girls on the couch.

Nope, it doesn't matter what you say, Netflix & Chill does NOT qualify as a date night. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Because go big or go home, why don't you shut off your TV and discover the beauty of airborne travel?

Wings Air Helicopters has been setting the bar way too high since 2002, offering chartered helicopter flights around Manhattan and the Hudson Valley.

Whether you're a photographer (we get it, you got a Nikon last Christmas) or you just have a poppin' 'Gram game, their team of experts can set you up with anything from amazing aerial photography and aerial film production to flight training and scenic tours.

Can you think of anything more romantic than cruising over Manhattan with your bae while the sun goes down? We didn't think so.

With Wings Air Helicopters, you'll also know that your safety is of utmost importance. All of their helicopter pilots have thousands of hours of flying experience, and undergo rigorous flight training to meet FAA, as well as their own company standards.

spoiled fam, and absurd climbing photographer Patrick Castillo (check him out on IG as ChasingRooftops) caught a flight with Wings Air Heli last month and snagged some stupidly amazing pictures of NYC. 


Of course, daring exploits like these aren't anything out of the ordinary for Patrick, and flying with Wings Air pilot Anthony Lanni, specifically, isn't either as they've been taking the air together regularly for the last three years now.

"Every time I visit NYC I always fly with him. He's a very talented pilot and I trust his capabilities in any weather. He once told me, 'It's crazy because every time I fly, I'm able to see where I grew up at. I love to fly, this is my life.'" 

"I believe Al and I have the same love for heights and the feeling of flying, it's something that we can't live without."

Check out a few of Castillo's amazing shots during a scenic tour over Manhattan– then head over to Wings Air Helicopters and charter a flight today. 

[Feature Image Courtesy via Patrick Castillo] 

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