New York City is sometimes very hard to love. 

Especially when you consider that after San Francisco, NYC is the most expensive place to rent and it's pretty much only getting worse.

Unsurprising, but still depressing AF.

Zumper organized real estate data from Summer 2016 to determine the most expensive and the cheapest (although cheap here is extremely relative, it's more like least most expensive) neighborhoods to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Cool, thanks Zumper

Way to make us feel even sh*ttier.

Most of these numbers aren't enough to make us bat an eyelash but um, even the median rent for a one-bedroom in Washington Heights is $1,850? What? 

The second cheapest rent on the island is in Central Harlem, with $2,090, which also sucks.


No shocker, in Manhattan, Tribeca is the most expensive bedroom, with 100x100 shoeboxes that go for an average of $4,500. The East Village trails just behind at $3,900 and Gramercy Park at $3,890.

Brooklyn is still sliiightly cheaper, with the most expensive neighborhoods clustered by the East River (duh). Dumbo's median rent for a one-bedroom is $3,899 and the cheapest, Brownsville, clocks in at $1,420. 

JFC, how does anyone live here? How do we live here?


via Curbed

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