Is it Yeezy Ice Cream Season already?

Kanye West has been crazy hot as of late. His latest album has been called a "living breathing changing creative expression" by none other than himself, and he recently let Hell break loose in the East Village when he announced he was performing a pop-up show there.

He's been too much on fire, so much so, we and others think he needs to cool it down a bit. Well, looks like someone has created a delicious solution.

The geniuses at First We Feast and Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream have created yet another Kanye West-inspired ice cream menu, thanks to the success of last years menu.

It all started with a photo of Kanye enjoying an ice cream cone. 

That's it; one photo of joy from the man who actually finds joy from not smiling in photos.

Last year's menus featured such goodies like "Red October Raspberry," "The Kim Kardashian Thirst Trap Sundae," and the “I Am a God Ice Cream Croissantwich" which is back by popular demand and because of people constantly shouting, "Hurry up with my damn croissants!"

Kanye West Ice Cream Week Season 2 has some new favorites for sure. Like the "Panda Cone" that will make you sound like Desiigner if you talk while eating it. Along with the "Beautiful Morning Milkshake" that will sure to wake up Mr West.


There is also a "Young Metro Milkshake" that is butterscotch and Hennessy. If you don't trust that it's good, they gon' shoot you.

What is a visit to a Kanye West inspired ice cream store without T.L.O.P.PINGS? 

You could get Pablo Pretzels, Pink Polo Pralines and Famous Fudge on your "Bound 2 Banana Split."

The menu only lasts until this Sunday, so get that Kanye fix you need so badly before it melts.

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[via First We Feast] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]