The man behind Momofuku is at it again. 

No, he's not coming up with a sandwich better than the Fuku Chicken Sandwich, because, well, that's impossible. The Fuku sandwich is perfect. 

Instead, David Chang is launching a delivery-only restaurant, Ando, along with chef J.J. Basil to deliver things like chicken cheesesteaks, grilled chicken box, tofu bowls, and more. 

According to Fast Company, the new space will be almost exactly the same as any other Momofuku restaurant, only without the dining room. 

The new space is a joint venture with Expa, a startup lab based in San Francisco started by Uber cofounder, Garrett Camp. 

While Ando may seem to be a competitor for delivery service Maple, which David Chang is an investor in, both Maple CEO Caleb Merkl and Chang believe that here is "plenty of room for both Maple and Ando-  that nobody orders lunch from the same place every single day."


Regardless, the new service will be delivered through UberRush, bringing things like massive chicken cheesesteaks to the people of Manhattan in a fast, efficient manner. 

We're looking forward to trying what Chang calls, "Maybe the most dangerous thing I've eaten all year," stating that the "[last] time I was complaining, 'I'm so tired. It's so heavy.' J.J.'s [Basil] like, ' You dumbass: You ate two of them.'" 

Ando is expected to open this spring. 

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[via Fast Company ] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]