Mix It Up With Momix 🎟💃🕴

Some people can do a cartwheel; some can do handstands and others can’t touch their toes. For most of us, the most acrobatic and death-defying stunt we can achieve is peeing with the seat down.

A select few of us were meant to achieve so much more.

I recently had the pleasure of preview Momix, a company of illusionist dancers who defy death 8 shows a week and twice on Saturday and Sunday because they can.

When I say these dancers defy death, I mean that quite literally. These dancers bend, flip and fly like a rubber band launched by a middle schooler.

In a creative and musical fantasia, this company of dancers takes you through the most visually stunning and awe-inspiring compilation of moments of true physical beauty.

The company, under the artistic direction of Moses Pendleton, venture out on a mission to explore the beauty of the human form, nature, music, scenography and how those interplay in the very fabric of life itself.


As soon as the curtain lifts, you are transported into a fiery, and passionate display of true physical prowess. The dancers are in flight, grounded, spinning, twirling, contorting and feeling their way through a universe all their own, a universe that they have allowed us to explore along with them. 

This universe is woven together through physical, scenic, and visual movement. Movement, it seems, is what propels life forward. It unites us through a sense of individuality.

Each member of the company is a cog working individually and together to give this universe palpable life. It is as if the movement you see on stage can be felt in; every cell of your body, in every moment of time, and within the very depths of your soul.


In this universe, cowboys are on stilts, paper breathes and moves like water, light has motion, and Tinkerbell is in flight.

The performance lends itself to not being defined by mere synopsis alone. It is nonlinear and yet, feels as though you are walking along a safe path. On this path, your mind is open to new possibilities, the conquering of impossibility, and the wealth of new and exciting perspective on the physical space.


Momix is Cirque Du Soleil meets inception, meets Disney’s Fantasia. It is a bold and visually stunning show for all ages and is playing at the Joyce Theater in Chelsea. It welcomes all curious minds and playful hearts.

Let your curiosity come to life and experience life in a completely authentic and visceral way. Momix is playing from now until August 12th. Go to the Joyce Theater Organization’s website and get your tickets before they are gone.  

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