Ain't Got Game: 8 Worst Mistakes Men Make in NYC Bars

It's officially February, which means that guys and gals will be frequenting their favorite bar in the hopes of connecting on a physical and mental level with their soulmates just in time for V-day... okay, so maybe not so much on the mental level, but definitely a physical one. 

Unfortunately, dating in New York City can be a tinder-tainted crapshoot. 

In a city inhabited by so many single people, it's surprisingly difficult to meet someone who is mentally and physically compatible to you. 

On top of that, there are the blatantly obvious mistakes that guys make while out at NYC bars. Sure, we girls make them too, but we're making this list for the dudes lookin' for love. Or, at least a Valentine. 

Plus, with all the ladies hitting up the bars in the next two weeks in the attempts to find a Valentine for the dreaded V-Day, you'll have a much better chance at starting up a conversation with someone. 

Here are some mistakes you guys need to stop making in NYC bars:

1. You're drunk

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Dude, go home. There's no way you're going to get that girl that you thought was making eyes at you three shots ago. Unless that girl is on your inebriation level (in which case, neither of you should be making moves), she really doesn't want to be with you. 


If you're going out to the bar with the intent of making a connection, don't drink more than necessary to take off the edge (we all get nervous). We've all been around the loud, belligerent person in the bar (we've even been that person ourselves) that no one wants to be around, let alone date.

Just go home, sober up, and try again tomorrow.

2. Getting angry

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Sorry to break it to you, but not everyone is going to be attracted to you (physically and/or personally). Just because some girl said no to dinner or drinks doesn't mean that you have the right to tell her you were settling anyway. Just don't. 

We're not b*tches just because we don't want to give you our number. You're just a jack*ss for thinking we owe you something just because you came up to talk to us. 

3. Stiff the bartender

insta.single Ummm, nope. Literally have nothing to write here other than I don't give a fuck about Valentine's Day!!! ;) πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

You've met a girl at the bar who seems really into you. You go to pay your tab and you throw a couple of bucks on the bar after you've had three Jack and cokes. You turn back around to see her hightailing it away back to her friends. Why? Because you're being inconsiderate and generally cheap.


If you can't afford to tip your bartender or server either $2 per beers/cheap drinks or 20%, you shouldn't be going out in the first place. It's that simple. There is nothing more unattractive as someone (guy or girl) who is trying to save a buck by not paying tips.

4. Assuming buying a drink = sex

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Fun fact: just because you buy a drink for someone you're hitting on does not mean that it's a sure lay. Girls do not owe you sh*t for that drink. 

Especially if you buy her that drink from across the bar when you haven't even spoken to her. Thanks for the $8 beer, but we're seriously not interested. 


5. Thinking that ring on her hand doesn't mean anything

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Listen up: That rock on her left hand means she's off limits. Period. Unless she is a pretty horrible person, because cheaters are, well, horrible, she's not going to be leaving with you. 


Seriously, one mistake is fine; laugh it off and find someone else. But if you're consistently creepin', it's not going to change the fact she's committed to her relationship. 

6. Assuming we want to dance

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If only we had a nickel for the amount of times we're chatting with friends only to feel a strange body randomly gyrate against our backside... 

Seriously, it's uncool, not to mention dangerous. We feel no pity for the fool that attempts this only to get a fist in the face. 

Not all girls want to dance. On top of that, not all girls want to dance with you. 

7. Handsy

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Look, we get it. Sometimes at a crowded bar, people get a bit closer than we'd normally be comfortable with. 


But girls have spent a majority of their adult lives perfecting the recognition between an innocent, unintentional graze of the ass versus a palm to the backside. 

8. Asking too many questions or talking only about yourself

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It's a fact that everybody pretty much loves to talk about themselves. However, if you've found someone you're generally interested in, don't spend the entire conversation interrogating her or telling her your life story. Just like the tango, conversations take two. 

Instead, lead off with a question and really listen. Then ask her to elaborate on something you found interesting or can relate to, and input something about yourself. Boom. Conversations. 

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