Because Baby, It's Cold Outside: Minibar Delivers Wine, Beer & Liquor Right to Your NYC Apartment Door-- in One Hour!

Let's be honest: we used to scoff at the first reports of snow. Any of them. Oh, 50% chance of snow? Sure. Okay. 

But after Jonas rattled the entirety of the East Coast, you’re not ready to take any chances on these forecasts. You stopped dealing in percentages or promises of “precipitation,” right?

Prepare yourselves! Milk! Bread! Eggs! The essentials, according to Mom and Dad. 

But what about the wine? The beer? The liquor? You know, the actual essentials to braving any and all of the elements.

But you’ve got as much as you can carry, and what, you’re supposed to drop off the groceries just so you can go back out into the cold? Oh look! It’s already snowing! FML... 


Nope. Not gonna do it. Go ahead. Do yourself a favor. 

Get all of your wine, liquor, and beer delivered with Minibar. Plus, you'll get $10 off your first order when you use the code "SPOILED".

Minibar keeps your bar fully stocked without you ever having to leave your apartment. 

They’ve partnered up with liquor stores in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and even Long Island just to make that happen.

So pick your poison, what you like, what you want, what you need and for how many, and with a $25 minimum, that alcohol gets delivered to your apartment in under an hour (well, as long as you’re there, ready, and have a valid ID).

As long as there’s booze involved, there’s no way Minibar shouldn’t be invited to the party. BYOB affair an hour away? Why the hell would you lug heavy bottles all the way there? Just a few quick taps and Minibar can meet you there.

Not up for the slow trudge through the slush pile hell-scape of post-snowpocalypse NYC? Good. Nobody is. Spare yourself (and your shoes) from all that. 

Get all of your wine, liquor, and beer delivered with Minibar. Plus, you'll get $10 off your first order when you use the code "SPOILED.

Surviving winter in NYC is easy: Never. Leave. Your. Apartment. That’s a good rule to have, and for as long as we’ve been drinking, alcohol proved the only exception. Not anymore.

With delivery from the geniuses over at Minibar, the liquor store is only as far as the walk from where you’re standing to wherever you keep your bar.

So, take a seat, cozy up, grab a blanket, queue up Netflix, and download the app. In under an hour, you know the only thing standing between you and a fresh bottle is… the door. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Vivienne Gucwa] 

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