When was the last time you golfed in NYC? 

Yeah, we can't remember the last time we mini-golfed here, either. But one warehouse in Red Hook will change all of that.

Shipwrecked is a legit 18-hole mini-golf course located in Brooklyn, and, even better, it's kid-friendly.

So bring your children, your grandchildren, and your inner child. 

You can use some ghost tokens (which are apparently a thing) to activate Easter Eggs on every hole of the course, and there's rumors that the establishment is seeking to get its liquor license. 

The owner told Gothamist  that they're "making plans to acquire a beer/wine license for the evenings."

In the meantime, you can placate your inner child (and actual children) with the arcade games they have strategically placed around the course.

If you're not a fan of golf, or Hulk Out when you miss that final putt, no worries. You can still spectate and enjoy the arcade games. 

Shipwrecked is also planning to bring in a variety of entertainers, including jugglers and magicians. Both the co-owners have backgrounds in theater, so that comes as little surprise. 

We're hoping to get over to 621 Court Street (right by Bay Street) to beat this beastly heat. 






[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]