If you happen to be Times Square in the near future (LOL), and you think you see our new Vice President- Elect, you might be right– kind of.

You're probably looking at Mike Hot-Pence, a gay man who looks extraordinarily like Mike Pence and has been spotted wandering around New York City, collecting money for charity.

Or, well, you're looking at the actual Mike Pence, who could have been chased out of another Broadway show. 

We don't recommend looking him directly in the eyes, lest you turn to stone.

If you can't tell, try saying, "Women should have legal control over their own bodies," and the true Mike Pence will probably reveal himself by bursting into flames. If you need another indicator, Mike Hot- Pence wears royal blue booty shorts.

Chances are, Mike Pence also would have chosen different charities, even if Planned Parenthood has already received over 82,000 donations in his name since the election.

So far, Glen Pannell (doesn't his name kinda have a Clark Kent-like ring to it?), has raised over $2300 for The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, who champion LGBT youth, women, and the environment, respectively.

According to Buzzfeed, Pannell only collects money on weekends, since he's a full-time graphic designer. For now, he sticks around Times Square mostly, but will probably move to indoor locations as it gets colder.


His outfit actually originated from a Halloween costume, after friends and family kept pointing out his uncanny resemblance to the VPEOTUS (is this a thing?). 

“Simply dressing up as Pence didn’t seem original,” says Pannell. “And then I thought there could be fun to be had with a sexy Mike Pence costume.” 


He donned his mantle again to alleviate post- election depression, in an attempt to make a tangible change that was "bold and immediate." We feel like we can say he definitely succeeded.

You can track Mike Hot- Pence's progress on his Twitter, where he provides daily updates.

[via Buzzfeed] [Feature Image Courtesy Buzzfeed]