Meet the Delivery Start-Up Bringing Chef-Designed Packaged Meals to Midtown!

It’s no news that New Yorkers don’t really have time spare anything frivolous, let alone time to cook themselves a gourmet meal every day. 

Luckily for us, there’s a new service called Maple that delivers chef-designed, pre-packaged meals to Midtown in less than half an hour.

Maple launched in the spring of 2015 after receiving $22 million in venture capital funding and getting the support from well-known chefs, like David Chang of Momofuku.

While delivery was initially restricted to the areas surrounding its local kitchens, the service has since expanded to the area between 42nd street and 14th street between Eighth Avenue and Park Avenue.

Maple will deliver prepackaged meals with a menu that changes daily. Some of their meals include pepper shrimp, a turkey cobb salad, and cumin roasted chicken breast for lunch at the cost of $12 (including tip and delivery).

Dinner menu items have included port-glazed roasted lamb, barbecue chicken, and garlic herb beef for a cost of $15 (including tip and delivery).


Interested in ordering? All you have to do is enter your email and home addresses, name, and phone number into their website or app, peruse their menu, select your grub, and pay for your meal. It’s honestly that simple.

Got a sweet tooth? Excellent, we do too. After eating our Jambon de Paris et Brie with cornichon relish, crudité, and olive tapenade from today’s lunch menu, we’ll be snacking on some Sugar Shack sugar cookies or Ample Hills Ice Cream. #winning.

Now you don’t have to eat at any of the dismal black holes that are the eateries of Midtown, but can have your meal delivered directly to your door. While your neighbor/officemates may look at you with disdainful jealousy, your tummy and wallet will thank you.

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[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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