This Espionage Museum Is Coming To Midtown ๐Ÿ”Ž๐Ÿ•ต๐Ÿ”‘

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Want to check out a museum thatโ€™s a little sneakier than the MOMA or the MET?

Then it's a good thing that we spy, with our little eyes, about to open upโ€ฆan espionage museum!

Developed by British-based private investment group Archimedia and the architects behind the newest Smithsonian, this two story and 60,000 square feet extravaganza is about to hit Midtown.

Called SPYSCAPE, this interactive and unique exhibit will feature all kinds of artifacts and experiences designed to illuminate the history of this noble art and to help you tap into your inner spy.

Among these is a profiling system developed by the former head of training at British Intelligence himself, which will help you identify your super-secret spy strengths and give you tips on how to apply them to your day-to-day life.

gareth_hague NEW โ€” Spyscape @spyscape OPENING IN MANHATTAN DECEMBER 2017 โ€˜Open your eyes to the world of espionage all around youโ€™ Building design Adjaye Associates Identity design SomeOne @someoneinlondon Logotype design and typeface design Alias First public use of the typeface, temporary type on building exterior and website Pic @patrick.burgoyne #spyscape #aliasspyscape #typeface #typography #typedesign #font #fontdesign #fontsinuse #branding #logotype #letterdesign #letteringdesign

You can also learn from the exploits of some famous role models like the team who cracked the Enigma and the teenager who hacked the CIAโ€™s website and get some more hands-on practice in interrogation booths, at code-making stations, and in special laser tunnels.

The museum is set to open its doors at 55th Street and 8th Avenue on January 12, and tickets are already on sale at their website. For a slightly higher price, you can also buy a VIP ticket and skip the linesโ€“which could be a good idea if you have important top-secret business to get back to after you finish your fun.

Cโ€™mon, what New Yorker couldnโ€™t use a little of that secret-agent edge? We sure could. Maybe it'll help us sneak past all those slow tourists.

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