We obviously like food, but what we might love more than the food itself is the chase to find new places to eat! 

What can we say, NYC brings out the hustle in us. 

And after hearing about this new 'Michelin-starred' burger from Japan coming to NYC for ONE day, we had to tell you about it too. 

So here are the details. Take notes, this is no joke. 

First, its happening at the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park. And the meat is being transported from TOKYO (And you thought getting across boroughs was a trip...).

This special, fancy AF burger crafted by Zaiyu Hasegawa. His restaurant Jimbocho Den has 2 Michelin stars. That's kind of a big deal 

But the prices of this burger won't be insane, thankfully. 


The DEN Shack burger will be just $6.99, made with Angus beef and topped with applewood smoked bacon, a DEN miso sauce, sansho peppers, and crunchy house-pickled cucumbers. YUM. 

OH and there'll be an added special, the Black Sesame Shake. At just $5.99 for this Japanese twist of a classic vanilla shake, you'll really be LIVING. 


So make sure you get to the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park this Friday, June 30th to try this wicked burger. QUICK, BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist ] [via Gothamist ] 

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