Do you ever just wish you could go back to sitting at the kid's table? Probably not, but you might after you read this. 

Several Michelin-starred restaurants are offering a kids-only meal, where children between 7 and 14 can eat a three-course meal for only $30. 

But here's the key: its a kid's only meal, meaning, no adults allowed. 

According to Eater, restaurants like Per Se, Del Posto, and Blue Hill are participating in Kid's Table, a project created by Danish superstar chef Claus Meyer's with the purpose of "fundamentally expanding the culinary minds of kids." 

Other participating restaurants include Agern, Atera, Colonie NYC, Franny's Brooklyn, Rebelle, Telepan, and Vaucluse NYC.

The event will take place on April 26 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., and will consist of healthy courses, including turnips, lamb, and rhubarb. 

Though some parents may be a bit put off to leave their child alone at a Michelin-starred restaurant, it might actually be better for their culinary expansion. 

"It's a very special moment," Meyer told Eater. "They are treated like adults. Kids are much more courageous and attentive than at a normal family meal." 


If you know of a culinarily curious kid, you can grab them a ticket here


Plus, part of the proceeds will go towards Chef Meyer's Brownsville culinary school project, whereas the rest will go towards a nonprofit of the restaurants' choice. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]