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Say Hello to MeUndies, the Most Fun You'll Ever Have Taking Your Clothes Off

What are you wearing? ...No, really. We want to know. Kidding. That’s a creepy question. 

Okay, but seriously. Let’s talk not-so-seriously about a seriously-not-serious issue: your underwear.

We’ve heard women say, “If it’s not cute, I won’t wear it.” We’ve also heard men say, “If I know there’s even a chance I’m getting lucky, and I’m wearing tighty-whities, I’m throwing those sad-bastard butt-huggers in the garbage.”

What’s the problem with this picture? You’re right. These people have problems. But, yo. It’s underwear. Don’t make such a big deal out of it. It shouldn’t be hard to decide on what to wear under what you already don’t know what you’re wearing.

That’s what MeUndies is for. MeUndies is super comfortable, super fun underwear you get in the mail every month. Weird, right? Wrong. It’s amazing.

Think about it: As many bad hair days you’ve ever had, you’ve probably had awful days where your underwear just doesn’t cooperate. It rides up. It itches. It wages war with your waistline. It rips. It tears. It feels. Just. Awful.

MeUndies is super comfortable, super fun underwear you get in the mail every month. Weird, right? Wrong. It’s amazing.

MeUndies is like, the opposite of that. It knows what’s up. Their underwear knows its place in life and that’s keeping everything… in place. Comfortably, of course.

Not into wearing ridiculous boxer shorts your grandmother made for you one decidedly weirdass Christmas on the reg? We feel you. If boxers are your thing, they will send you a new pair every month.

Haven’t quite resigned yourself to the everyday sadness of granny panties? God bless you. That’s why those are called unmentionables. MeUndies will send you whatever style of underwear suits you.

You could run the subscription route and save upwards of $8 on each pair of underwear, or you could simply order by the pair, or save with packs, whatever you need.

Remember, though: This is underwear. Nobody’s asking you to marry them. We’re not asking you to stay in a toxic relationship for the kids. We're just thinking you should try it out. Go on a first date, if you will. 

So, check out MeUndies. They have underwear of all styles, premium tees, lounge pants, limited edition French Terry collection-- basically everything you care about that comes in contact with your body. If you’re not feelin' your first purchase, don’t worry about it. If you don't love your first pair, you get to keep it. 


But if you do love it? Say word! What you’re loving loves you back. It’s durable as hell, the waistline is relaxed, breathable, and comfortable, all of the materials are sourced sustainably (yay, planet Earth!), and, possibly best of all, it’s twice as soft as cotton.

Underwear shouldn’t only matter whether or not you’re taking your clothes off in front of somebody else. Again, it’s underwear. Calm down.

The only thing that should matter is how it feels when you’re wearing it. They're hands-down the most fun you’ve had without taking all of your clothes off, and, if you’re lucky, the most fun you’ve had while taking your clothes off. 

Your comfort matters more than anything, so if you’re not in love with MeUndies, don’t sweat it. They’ve got you covered. But we’ve got a good feeling you’ll like the way you feel. Shop MeUndies right here.

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