Well, they may not be solving those pesky delays but the MTA is working on something and it's not just raising those prices.

The MTA is trying out a new payment method, with mobile scanners, in an effort to eventually give MetroCards the boot. 

The program is actually an extension of the very convenient mobile app you may already be using for the LIRR. Which you probably originally downloaded that time you didn't have even a millisecond to buy your ticket in Penn. 

The trial scanners are currently only open to MTA employees and are located at two locations near the MTA Headquarters: Bowling Green and Wall Street. However, it's been announced that the scanners will be installed at 14 high-traffic stations by the end of this year.

Many of us are rejoicing about this potential change, and frankly, we're surprised it's taken this long. Keeping track of your card or waiting on the always slow-moving lines to re-load or replace, is really getting old.

Imagine the time it will save, the much-needed convenience it will add to daily commutes.


Though we're sure it will take time for everyone to get on board with the new system, we foresee positive change happening pretty quickly.

AND not to mention all the paper it will save, supporting a healthier environment and eliminating some of that excessive litter in subways (which, as we know, causes dangerous and delay-inducing fires on the tracks).

Even giving people the option of a mobile scanner or paper tickets should make a huge difference, while also not leaving the smartphone-less peeps out to dry.

[via ny.curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy cdn2]