Sooo it's not exactly a fantastic time to be proud to be an American right now. We're kind of messy. 

It's hard not to feel like anyone who happens to look over at this country from anywhere else in the world is laughing. 

It's probably a great time to start laughing with them.

This new East Village restaurant, dubbed 'Merica, is decorated with symbols of this great nation– flags race cars, and assault weapons– and serves the unhealthiest carb filled foods Americans can be expected to love.

Your new favorite/least favorite haunt is brought to us by the dudes who opened the Tim Burton and Will Farrell-themed restaurants, and seek to transport diners to the "real America."

As reported by DNAInfo, owner Zach Neil describes 'Merica as, "Imagine the Donald Trump campaign coming to your backyard every weekend," which sounds pretty frightening, but also pretty funny.

Like most things tongue-in-cheek, we're sure a select few will wander through their star-spangled doors expecting genuine patriotism (whatever that means), but it's pretty clear that the establishment is committed to a sort of silent comedic protest. 

For example, they will be serving presidential candidate-inspired burgers, and while their construction displays criticism for both, it's pretty easy to see who was let off easy.

The "T-Rump Mexican Burger" is made from rump meat, with American and Mexican Pepperjack cheeses that have a closed border of onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Subtle. 


Neil, on the burger, comments, "One bite and you'll realize these tastes belong together." Hey, an actual American sentiment we can be proud of!

Clinton wasn't let off the hook, the "100 calorie lie" is a triple bacon cheeseburger slathered in mac n' cheese and is, quite obviously, not 100 calories. 

Critical, yes, but not really as pointed– if Clinton had an e-mail for every time an American called her a liar, she would have all of the ones she deleted back and then we could stop talking about them, when we should be talking about policy. Okay, we're going to leave the themed burgers alone now.

They'll also be serving fried chicken, old fashioned mac and cheese, barbecue, chili, wings, grilled cheese, and a selection of beer and American wine. 


Recently, on their FB page, they advertised "The Kanye," which is "fried breast of chicken tossed in a creamy rich Alfredo sauce served over mashed potatoes, then drizzled with a balsamic glaze. This meal will make you into a famous rapper and a narcissistic asshole. Ask the public to loan you the money for it. $18."

The concept's creation has since been revealed as for "shock value," to generate buzz about the restaurant presumably, but um, that sounds delicious, can we still order that?

Thursdays at 'Merica will also be debate nights, where patrons will face off on social, political, and pop culture topics– it's time to face your opponent in the light of day (er... in the low lights of the bar) and out from behind your Facebook page.

You can visit this particular land of the free when it opens on Saturday, October 15th. For the love of god, leave your gun at home.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Facebook]