There might not be a whole lot of culinary life on Mars, save for Matt Damon (editor's note: Nick, spoiler alert, but they brought him home. Also, that was a year ago. Keep it timely, man), but one kitchen in Brooklyn is changing that. 

The Washington Post reported that Heidi Neilson and Douglas Paulson, of the Menu for Mars Supper Club, say the club's concept escalated in a tasty way.

The Brooklyn-based kitchen has been developing and experimenting with sustainable and feasible recipes for use on the Red Planet.

Paulson notes that while the project “started as an intellectual exercise,” the group “quickly realized that creating a hands-on environment was necessary to the discussion.”

Neilson and Paulson have a ton of factors to consider, ranging from the pressurized environment of artificial housing on Mars (remember that explosive bit from The Martian? Kind of like that) to the fierce dust storms (again, The Martian with its opening sequence).

Flames are a big no-no in any pressurized environment, and the dust storms make everything taste, well, dusty. 

The first solution was a no-brainer for the artists: don’t use open flames! Hooray for microwave ovens and induction burners!


But to minimize dust-flavor (which, according to Paulson, “tastes like peroxide”), they looked to Ethiopia. The nation’s foods use powerful flavors including chili pepper, cumin, and cardamom.


While the “experiment” phase of this project concluded in June, we’re pretty sure these recipes (or at least a to-go truck? Please?) will be available. Hopefully we won’t have to travel all the way to Mars to experience this deliciousness. 

[via The Washington Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]